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Does the health crisis in the city of Philly coexist with the gun crisis? Philly Freeway talks W/P.O.C.

“Poorer life expectancy among Black men is largely driven by more premature death from homicides, early cardiovascular disease, drug overdoses, cancer, and infant deaths.” “Health outcomes for Black men in Philadelphia are poorer than those of other racial/ethnic groups and women. “ Hear from @phillyfreeway about his own personal Health and Wellness journey, mental struggles […]

MAD OR NAH? CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC ‘Mad or nah?’: Philly residents react to COVID-19 vaccine refusers

WHYY invites you to a town hall meeting where regional health experts and community leaders will discuss strategies and messages that could build trust in the vaccination process. Register here. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that 85-90% of Americans need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for […]

Mad or Nah?’: Philly residents react to school district’s reopening and ventilation plan

In less than a month, the School District of Philadelphia will attempt to reopen its school buildings for in-person learning to K-2 students. The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers has publicly objected to this plan and has stated they want teachers and school staff to be vaccinated before returning back-to-school. The conversation about back-to-school has intensified […]


LET’S TALK PROSPERITY AND PEACE!!! Community activist Brandon Chastang @b.mcfly_ has teamed up with anti-violence activist @NoGunZone to host a Prosperity and Peace Rally 12 month tour! The tour kicked off yesterday Monday, at the Philadelphia Art Museum steps honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Hear what @nogunzone and @b.mcfly_ along with multiple NOTABLE guest […]

Philadelphia’s Candle Light Vigil for Breonna Taylor. P.O.C. talks 2020 vision

September 29, 2020, marked 200 days since Breonna Taylor was shoot dead in her home by police in Louisville Kentucky. None of the officers involved in the incident was charged with murder. #BreonnaTaylor Big shoutout to @phillyliberationcenter for allowing me to speak. Demand justice for Breonna Taylor. On March 13th, 2020, Breonna Taylor was murdered […]

‘Mad or Nah?:’ Philly police killed Walter Wallace Jr. How do you feel about it?

It’s been a week since Philadelphia police officers killed Walter Wallace, Jr, a 27-year-old father with past mental health issues. The broad-daylight killing occurred at 61st and Locust streets and was caught on video, which has subsequently gone viral. This neighborhood then became the scene for multiple rallies, protests and fires, images akin to late May, when uprisings in West […]

‘Mad or nah?’: Philly residents react to city suing state over gun laws

Philadelphia has made numerous efforts to quell the gun violence that has risen over the last four years. Mayor Jim Kenney established the Office of Violence Prevention in 2017. In 2019, the city released the Roadmap for Safer Communities, a comprehensive plan to ensure public safety. That same year, the Philadelphia Police Department launched Operation Pinpoint, a technology-driven approach to prevent […]

‘Mad or nah?’: Philly residents react to Trump’s ‘bad things’ comment

Election 2020 Last week, during the first televised presidential debate between President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the commander-in-chief spoke ill of the City of Brotherly Love. “Bad things happen in Philadelphia,” Trump said. The president, without evidence, said the commonwealth’s mail ballot process can’t be trusted. Election officials have refuted Trump’s claims. Trump’s […]


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