IMG-0116New Millennial Radio Show Brought To You By  “Proof of Consciousness”  (P.O.C.)  

REVIVE RADIO is a show you don’t want to miss!!!

With this opportunity, I plan to spread my message as a LIVING BRAND, empowering the people to REVIVE, to restore life, health, and consciousness through media and communication. I have been inspired to start REVIVE radio as a platform to demonstrate the power of communication in our communities by simply meeting people where they are and sparking conscious conversations.

I use REVIVE as an outlet to reach and restore the minds of the people by creating stimulating conversation and to broadcast positivity and unity within mass media communication.

I need you all to be apart of the conversation! #ReviveRadio #ReviveIsAlive



Each & Every Morning Wake Up w/ REVIVE Radio 

Monday – Friday | 7:00AM – 10:00AM EST


Each & Every morning Monday – Friday check-out REVIVE Radio on “PQ Radio 1” from 7:00 AM-10:00 AM!

Every morning catch up on what’s trending and local news with P.O.C. and the REVIVE team. Catch live in-person interviews with P.O.C. and her special guest. Every morning turn your radio’s UP so you can catch our live morning mix by our special guest radio dj on “PQ Radio 1.” We REVIVING your mornings in a whole new way. Stay locked to REVIVE Radio you don’t want to miss an episode! Get up and close with P.O.C. each & every morning and watch each show live @REVIVE_POC Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. CLICK HERE to LISTEN LIVE  “PQRADIO1” Give us a call (215) 387-2806!





REVIVE Sunday’s Edition

Sunday’s | 11:00AM – 1:00PM EST

IMG_0603Wake UP! Wake UP! Wake UP with your girl P.O.C. for that good morning talk RADIO! Live on REVIVE Radio each & every Sunday from 11:00AM – 1:00pm. You can catch everything from mental motivation, politics and more. Start your week off right engaging with P.O.C. and her special guest educating and re-educating the listening audience with various topics sparking consciousness conversation. Don’t miss this link up with
TLS Politics on REVIVE every 2nd and 4th Sunday! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE ON TIME FOR AN AWAKENING OR search “TIME FOR AN AWAKENING” on TuneIn. Give us a call (215)-490-9832!


REVIVE Winning Wednesday

Wednesday’s | 8:00PM – 10:00PM EST


We are LIVE and WINNING each & every Wednesday on REVIVE Radio. You never know what you may hear about REVIVE. You can catch current events, and then what you need to know. Every Wednesday on REVIVE P.O.C. highlights a “Weekly Thrill” guest. REVIVE is a platform that gives startup businesses, organizations, creators, innovators, and or artists a chance to promote their brand and or products to our viewers and listeners. Like we said we are WINNING every Wednesday on REVIVE so you already know we have a special guest bless the airwaves with you girl P.O.C. Make sure you stay tuned for TabM0ney Habits every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Live Streaming on “Time For An Awakening” Wednesday from 8:00PM-10:00PM. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE ON TIME FOR AN AWAKENING OR search “TIME FOR AN AWAKENING” on TuneIn. Give us a call (215)-490-9832!



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