What’s Buzzing

What’s Buzzing Segment is a segment where we discuss and debate political topics and recent current events. The goal is to bring clarity and understanding to our listeners. We strive to challenge social standards and bring political awareness to the everyday citizen.

What the Fact?!?

REVIVE Radio brings you What the Fact?!?  to educate and dish out cool, innovative and trendy facts for our listeners that help us spark up conversations! What the Fact?!? is a segment that brings truth to what you know, what you think you know, and what you honestly don’t know.

Money Talk Monday’s

Learn about economic concepts, financial literacy, the latest news in the world of business and finance and the interesting stories of global technology, politics, and more! Each segment will give the listeners an opportunity to receive a free series of financial literacy workshops, webinar aka “radinar.” Using the Revive online radio platform, we are able to create “Radinars” for listeners to experience seminars/workshops over the radio.

Winning Wednesday

We are WINNING each & every Wednesday on REVIVE Radio. Every Wednesday,  P.O.C. highlights a “Weekly Thrill” guest, current event, and trending topics. REVIVE Radio is a platform that gives startup businesses, organizations, creators, innovators, and/or artists a chance to promote their brand and/or products to our viewers and listeners. Stay tuned to our WINNING special guests each & every Wednesday that bless the airwaves with you girl P.O.C.


Tab M0ney Habit$

Tab M0ney Habit$ goal is to share knowledge with the community about unlearning and relearning habits that lead to financial freedom and generational wealth. Make sure you stay tuned for TabM0ney Habits to WIN FREE SWAG FROM YOUR FAVORITE SMALL BUSINESS! CALL-IN TO WIN!

Quality Over Quantity

Submit your music today! Allow your supporters to pick whether your music is quality or quantity. Quality meaning your single is good and the people want more. Something to add to the “REVIVE Quality Mix”. Quantity meaning your single is just not it. Try again! Submit your music to

Free Barz Friday

Tune in to “FREE BARZ FRIDAY”  each & every Friday on REVIVE RADIO with your girl P.O.C. and Spotlight Artist of the week! Each artist will get the opportunity to debut their hit single, along with a short interview and live on-air performance. Also, if you are a Producer or DJ and want your instrumentals to be played during “FREE BARZ FRIDAY” hit us up NOW! CLICK HERE to Debut your hit single on REVIVE RADIO

The Child Support

Tune in to “THE CHILD SUPPORT” every other Friday live on WJYN 98.5 FM. With this segment, we will redefine how youth want to be supported! Hear from youth across the city of Philadelphia share their ideas, thoughts, and opinions on how they want to be supported. This partnership is with Philadelphia Youth Services.