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We are LIVE and REVIVING STYLE each & every Friday on REVIVE Radio. You never know what you may hear about REVIVE. You can catch current events, and then what you need to know. Every Friday on REVIVE P.O.C. highlights a “Weekly Thrill” guest. REVIVE is a platform that gives startup businesses, organizations, creators, innovators, and or artists a chance to promote their brand and or products to our viewers and listeners. Like we said we are REVIVING STYLE every Friday here on REVIVE RADIO so stay tuned as our special guest bless the airwaves with you girl P.O.C. Make sure you stay tuned for Tristate Traffic Jam Sessions by your favorite local DJs! WIN FREE SWAG FROM YOUR FAVORITE SMALL BUSINESS! CALL IN TO WIN!!! Live Streaming on “Uptown Radio 98.5 FM” Friday from 3:00PM-6:00PM.

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