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REVIVE RADIO Presents: Rhythm & Reasoning Vol 2:3 CommUNITY Night Market

Rhythm & Reasoning Vol 2:3 CommUNITY Night Market A Sounding Board for the Community! Come out and support the REVIVE movement! SATURDAY, September 08, 2018 from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM. Spread the word!

REVIVE RADIO Presents: Rhythm & Reasoning Vol 2:3

CommUNITY Night Market

“You know what time it is…”


P.O.C. host of the hit radio show REVIVE RADIO has brought you the hottest event of the Summer!

Written by: Harmony The Goddess

Welcome to the “Manifesting like a Muthafucka Tour”!

On September 8th, the community joined together for REVIVE Radio Volume 2:3 Rhythm and Reasoning series entitled The CommUNITY Night Market!

Our CommUNITY Night Market originally started as an idea to create an atmosphere where small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists can prosper and immerse themselves in the community. The evening was hosted by your very own, P.O.C., host of REVIVE Radio. This free event took place at the Life Do Grow Farm in Philadelphia, PA from 6 PM – 10 PM. A great venue that invited compelling InnerG to create the vibe of art, culture, and of course, community.

Despite the light curtain of rain and wind sweeping its way on and off throughout the night, it was a night filled with hugs, networking, and a collective frequency of coexistence. Spaces in the grass filled with vendors ranging from clothes, art, jewelry, vegan cuisine, desserts, information, and a food truck. 

Opening with a spoken word piece was REVIVE Radio’s newest co-host Stephon Lamar. Different activities shifted throughout the farm, creating unforgettable revitalizing moments. Shoutout to the light show inside the dome where some of these activities, performances, and presentation took place. To name a few, a collective meditation lead by Dark Matter Lit, a presentation from Mike Doughty’s art collection that went viral, face painting & pony painting for the youth, captivating performances from creatives such as Uptown Shane expressing from her core, our house band Black N Blu delivering an unforgettable live performance, Rugrat levitating words like clouds, Ryan Collins ending the night with a stellar performance, turning the vibe up with her lively voice and gratifying Innerg as the crowd jammed, danced, and sung along with her, “You ain’t real, baby your artificial”!   

Might I say it was a well-needed meetup from the community and small businesses to celebrate, support, and empower each other. To see a recap of Saturday’s event make sure you watch video on our YouTube channel. You can stay tuned to future events by subscribing to our newsletter. 

Live in Peace and Not Pieces

If you are interested in becoming a future food/ non-food vendor or a performing artist at our next amazing event, contact:





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