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P.O.C. Host Of I Am My Diary

Host P.O.C. and Creator Snazzy Jazz

Written by: Harmony the Goddess

I AM… Two of the most powerful words you can have in your vocabulary. Whatever comes after, well, that is your choice. Jazmine chose to finish it with “I Am My Diary” which she entitled her event on July 29, 2018. An event to showcase her being a triple threat as an artist and expressing pages written in her diary. Not everyone know when they are apart of someone’s diary, but when you do know, it can go either way. Since late June when Jazmine asked me to be apart of her diary by hosting her event, I loved the idea and was grateful to be apart.

Besides my love for hosting, being able to see a vision come true is a rush for me. Her passion for dance, poetry and art had me sold. Being in the dairy was timeless. I aim to make every moment of me hosting something to remember and now it’s a new chapter for both Jazzy and I.

Throughout the event light was also shun on other local artists. Opening each performance was a page of poetry read out of Jazz diary. The day was filled with performances. While artists like YazzieMojo and Rugrat individually sung, Jazmine danced gracefully behind them.

The showcase also featured some of Jazmine’s work of art, her live paintings and paintings that showed different expressions of emotions that were felt at timing of painted canvas were auctioned. As I tried to mimic an actual auction, “55, 65, 85,” it was sold to someone in the audience that bought her painting for $100! Let’s not forget about the vendors, Royal Peaces, VeganSpice, and more.

Staying present was key for me. With the help of the Live band, the energy stayed high. If you missed this one be sure to defiantly be at the next one, “I Am My Diary Chapter 2”. Tell a friend to tell a friend to pull up!



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