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RUSSELLBRAND journeys to Haiti with Phill4Haiti!

Written by: Tab M0ney

We are still charged up from Haiti! We had an amazing time. We started off each day with fruit and a fresh coconut as we greeted the other Philly4Haiti members at breakfast. Then we would head to the village to share awesome experiences with beautiful people of Mission of Grace.

We had the pleasure of volunteering at the grade school, orphanage, soup kitchen, Grandma’s House, and clinic. Each part of the mission shared its own light. At the grade school, we were able to provide the students with school supplies and book bags. At the orphanage, we kicked it with the teens, painted nails, gave out haircuts, and danced to Hip-Hop & Afro Beats. At the soup kitchen, we served a local dish to the youth, enjoyed the conversation as they ate, and helped with the dishes to keep up the efficiency. At the Grandma’s House, we had a blast with the elders, playing dominoes and painting nails, and stimulating relaxation with massages. The highlight of the mission was when we toured the homes of the villages and the people welcomed us like family. My experience with the Mission and the people of Carries, Haiti showed me the value of Love as the Universal Language.

The day was not over once we returned from the village. Lunch & Dinner was amazing! Nadine would lay spreads of our favorite local Ital dishes. Please try Haitian Spaghetti, so delicious lol! The warm & clear Caribbean Sea attracted us like light to a moth. We snorkeled, kayaked, turned up on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, went to Public beach, and traveled by boat everywhere we went. Late Night swims in the Caribbean Sea is also a must try!

If you are wondering if you should go on a mission trip… yes, you should go! It’s worth the experience.

If you are wondering what mission should you support… support @Philly4Haiti and the Mission of Grace!


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