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Substance over Slices at Blaze Pizza

Written by: Stephon Lamar

On the day of Revive Radio’s fundraiser/collaboration with Blaze Pizza, there were so many signs that greatness was bound to live in the aura. I, Stephon Lamar, felt truly invigorated on the way there and oddly enough had many influential conversations that were likened to the convos sparked at the event. When I walked into Blaze Pizzeria, P.O.C was looking jazzy and extra fresh as always, in the midst of setting up shop while simultaneously greeting guests; bringing the stamp of the Revive brand into the night.

The forum was being set and Harmony [the Goddess] gave the pizzeria a cleanse with her crystals and vibe, along with Alisha [photographer extraordinaire, see below] catching the irrefutably great formalities that set the tone for the night.

The pizza was amazing, and I can see why we raised a good amount of money! Coming from a vegan that’s not an easy compliment to get considering all the alternatives to replace the cheese, certain dough, and tasty veggies… Blaze Pizza has it all.

Our convo began shortly after everyone chowed down on their self-concocted pie, starting with virtuous topics such as forgiving people, keeping friends, and how to cleanse one’s environment. Then the talk about politics, the police force or lack thereof, and strengthening the black community through communally based tactics was on the floor.

I intermittently ran downstairs, as we gave our show upstairs, to chat with people about my segment and why the conversation happening above them was something they needed to be a part of. The energy there was something magical, unforgettable, and profound. We ended the night dispersing into smaller convos to network and such, getting more familiarized with each other.

I cannot wait to do this again and if you weren’t there, then count yourself as a part of the next event we have, maybe we’ll be coming to a neighborhood near you!!

Lyrical Love from Stephon Lamar


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