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Lyrical Love…

Nature Said…

Written by: Stephon Lamar

One day, much like the one you’re living while reading these words, Nature spoke to a very general human. He was general in being disturbed by the overtly inquisitive disposition he carried from day to day. Nature was oddly attentive to this, at the moment and said, “I am the mother that gives birth to the everlasting apparatuses by which you come to be. At best, beyond all other senses, you can feel me inherently; albeit seldom given your incessant inquisition of what is.” To ensure that he was still living and lucid, the human began checking his pulse several times and pointing out objects around him to name, “that’s a building, and that’s a car, and that’s a tree.” Still, on Earth and in the moment, he listened on. “I am amused by your apparent neurosis”, Nature said, “but believe you will do best livened from it a bit. Haven’t you noticed the accounts of your seeds? The sun sears and sets accompanied by the stars and yet your seeds lack inclusion? They do not. Where are you in relation to what you want to sprout? Always, in all ways, what comes forth is a reflection of what has been planted. So yes. Of course. You matter.”

Lyrical Love from Stephon Lamar


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