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Written by: Stephon Lamar

The MLK vs GTOWN Alumni basketball game was major and enticing from beginning to end. The Alumni definitely got prepared for the game by having a pregame; as I walked in, I thought I missed the initiation for a second. Everyone was in their zone, shooting hoops with precision and passion.

The best part about this all starting off at least was

that none of the Alumni looked as if they’d be there as Alumni. Just as light on their feet as the prime ole days, the guys tossed the ball around to one another in an impressive fashion; swinging it around their bodies and through their legs.

P.O.C. breezed through the crowd and then graced the floor lookin’ so familiar; grabbing a few balls to shoot some hoops herself. I was super excited to see her as I had not seen her up until she went on vacation in Belize.

The crowd was slightly hyped up so I felt compelled to give them even more of an incentive. I walked over to a few individuals from both sides and asked, “Who they were here to support?” Almost as if they were waiting for me to come over to them they each shouted either, “I’m here for G-Town!!” or “I’m reppin’ those MLK Alumni’s, Go! Cougars!”

The mascots were dancing all around, mostly twerking lol, and all of the staff at MLK were cheering right along. I truly have faith that once I am blessed with making it to such an age that I will have the same vigor and spirit of love. The game ended with MLK winning with 34 to 28!

Lyrical Love from Stephon Lamar





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