Community Entertainment


Written by: Exhibit A Art

Nestled comfortably under the Ben Franklin, Philly Art Collective gallery opened its doors to reveal the HERSpace Art Festival. Light refreshments and wine were offered to constituents as they entered the gallery. The community flooded in to witness an eclectic collection of local artists expressing all of their creative abilities. Amongst the lineup Exhibit A, Creative and Revive Media Photographer, showcased some of her work for her first show of the year.

Revive Radio host, P.O.C. was also present supporting and networking with the artists and locals alike. From acrylics to spoken word, fabrics to legitimate closet doors, the walls were covered with artwork and innovation. As the conversations flowed, it became more apparent that the art community is taking their new year’s resolution seriously and plan to be involved in more spaces of the like. There was a healthy mixture of friends and family, explorers and supporters in the crowd which offered positive vibrations throughout the evening.

The gallery is headed by Curator Martell Oliver and held on a monthly basis for the community to exhibit their pieces. The Philly Collective also offers a membership which allows artists to showcase consistently and offers gallery space for solo exhibits. Information regarding upcoming shows or membership can be found at


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