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Lyrical Love…


Written by: Stephon Lamar

Could you have it any other way?

So then, why would you??

These moments, you know, are for you.

They’re coming about, indeed into imperial beauty, for you. And so, if this moment is anything short of the feeling evoked from knowing this, which way shall you sway?

There’s something to be said of the sublime time emerging in your head. Where the feats you have conquered urge a seat for you to be honored. Go on, there’s a beat for you to skip to. Today you know what you want and do not. Today told you to leave what you gave yesterday because of what tomorrow has for you.

Aren’t you listening?

Now you are.

You have questions, NOT worries.

The worrisome lifestyle is for those who are not of what we are.

We LIVE and we BE.

Living beings.

And if we didn’t come to do that, then why would we ever come?

Lyrical Love from Stephon Lamar


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