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Lyrical Love…

This Here

Written by: Stephon Lamar

“I can see them moving, can you?” Ritually at this point, the two men met to lay haphazardly atop the roof of their apartment building, gazing at the passing clouds, offering themselves to be taken away by the momentary greatness. They could never stay as long as they’d like to, that being forever, but their eagerness to come back sufficed. Death becoming one of the men in passing from this realm back to where we all come from, his final words to his friend were, “Simply be, so that you will always see the passing clouds.” A decade or two later, the other man determined to continue the ritual made his way through the avenues of the city. Arriving at the apartment building from the other side of town, he began to shuffle through his satchel for the key for the key, realizing then that he didn’t have it. Owning the building but not the moment at a point in his life, he scoffed at himself & flopped down onto the cement steps, waiting for a tenant to come out so that he could go in. With the nape of his neck creased by the weight of his head, he sought to synchronize his feelings with his intentions, closing his eyes to calm himself. The opening of the door broke his focus but instantaneously gave him another. Piercing into the sky he could see the clouds moving the way he could a decade or two ago. He was still.

Lyrical Love from Stephon Lamar


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