The Carribean Journey with RUSSELLBRAND & REVIVE!

Written by: Harmony the Goddess

Traveling is not all about the hotels you stay at or how beautiful the resorts are. I think it’s safe to say it’s about indulging yourself vigorously in the culture to gain an optimal experience. Enjoying the journey! Well, that’s what RUSSELLBRAND & I did as we traveled to Jamaica March 2018.

From getting up in the morning feeling the Caribbean breeze thru front gate, walking to the market to get food for the week, sitting in the “lane” talking to locals passing by, driving thru 7 parishes, vibing with Jah 9 in Kingston about crystals, chalices,etc., the days continue with curiosity of what this beautiful island has to offer. Climbing mango trees for breakfast, Maringa trees for tea and banana leaf trees for well, you don’t need to know that. The mentioned things above are not even half but I’ll leave you with the imagination of what else.

You ever wondered why the essence of life is valued in other areas of the world differently? Why the simplest things can make a person filled with joy. In Jamaica the kids are kids! Running around outside for hours exerting all their energy before school begins. People build their own houses in Jamaica. “Build up not out,” Tabm0ney told Falley (our Father like during our stay). Houses are not allowed to go above three stories and each one is different. Clothes hang strategically to dry after wash day on rooftops. It’s a view that takes your breath away.

Traveling thru Jamaica, one of the destinations was to experience a mineral bath. Now, if you don’t know what that is, please put it on your bucket list. You’ll thank me later. We drove thru the town of Kingston, kids running after our van, up the mountains, we go thru a swamp of trees to end up at the top of the mountain to a group of Jamaicans waiting for us to get out the car. For the record, this was not planned! As they negotiate a price for this optimal experience that’s about to reveal itself; we make our way to a steamed river. Turns out, we didn’t have to go to no fancy spa. Nature bought it to us. Hot water thrown on us eloquently, heated rocks rubbed on our belly’s, a full body massage in the backyard of a forest, trees, birds chirping, Jamaicans blessing us with a treatment of royalty. See, now have you put it on your bucket list?

You want to know the most humbling part. After waking up at Uncle house in Kingston eating mangoes for breakfast we talk with a guy cleaning the yard. He starts to rap with a Jamaican rhythm about eating healthy, positivity, etc. He then tells us he never been out of Kingston. Here it is, we traveled across the waters, drove thru seven parishes and he doesn’t even have an ID. Let us all just stop for a moment and think about what we are grateful for.

Okay, moment over! Lol, the days come to an end and there’s no better place to conclude trip but to go to “Dead End beach”. First going there when arriving in Jamaica and ending there. Airplanes flying literally right above us. A Rasta coming over and we have our own video shoot. Lol, that was fun! Learning to float effortlessly in the Caribbean seas, thanks to Mama Deb teaching the essence of trust! Harmony the Goddess (that’s me) teaching my first yoga class on the sandy border. Tabm0ney having an episode of Tabm0ney Habits talking financial literacy and why it is important to own not rent! You know your girl, P.O.C. was in the background educating the youth!

As the sun starts to set, we walk the horizon thru the town of Montego Bay. Scraping our arms from climbing walls, talking with another Rasta about his gigantic spliff he wrapped in banana leaf and breathing in that good ol’ prana!

It’s 5 am and we begin to get ready for our flight back to the States. Falley in the kitchen making us Maringa & lemongrass tea with a bowl of pumpkin soup. Taxicab honks the horn and Falley comes in the room “Tallus you’re not even ready mon’. FYI “Tallus” is the name I was given in Jamaica. No one is called by their real name only nicknames. “No, no, no I am, see” as I stuff the rest of my stuff in my bag and run to the door. It’s rude to keep the cab driver waiting, so he goes back home which is three doors down and comes back in ten minutes. The airport is empty creating a smooth walkthrough as we leave the island that filled us with humbling experiences and opened our minds to a broader perspective on life. Up, up, & away we go but we’ll be back soon! Up next RUSSELLBRAND takes Lagos, Nigeria April – May 2018!


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