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3rd Annual Black Gala Award Cereomony


“Who runs the world?” The answer was identified at the 3rd Annual Black Gala celebrating Women of Purpose. On Saturday, March 17, 2018, the 3rd Annual Black Gala was presented by Free Inspiration Reaching Everyone, Childhoodslost Ent. Group & Trapdoor Inc. The Black Gala is an award ceremony that celebrates the work and spirit of our community. An event that embodies connecting, community and building. This year’s focus was to celebrate game changers, women who are boldly scaling new heights and transforming the world. Honoring women who committed themselves to making an impact in the community. A few honorees were Joanna McClinton for 2018 Vanguard award, Aniyah Ayres for 2018 Rising Star. Some of the 2018 Women of Purpose awards went to Odessa White, Ask Lupus, Brittany Miller, Tanika Little, Lamika Jenkins and more.

A night filled with family, friends, and supporters gathered together to take part in this event of excellence. Also contributing to this memorable night was the hosts Dana Marie, Tyree Evans and co-hosts P.O.C. -Host of REVIVE Radio alongside Just Jocelynn. Being around a group of powerhouse women makes you ponder about the impact you are choosing to make in the world that connects, builds and create wealth. It was a successful night that also included special performances, a dessert station with Tiny Cakes, and once again a celebration to women of purpose. “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne.

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