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P.O.C. Co-host Warmdaddy’s “The Unwind Series” 90’s R&B/Hip-Hop

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Written by: Harmony the Goddess

The R&B culture of the 1990s is all around us and timeless. Anyone who can recall artist such as Jill Scott, Donell Jones, Aaliyah, etc. is a vindication. Tributes to some of these great artists were performed at “The Unwind Series” at Warmdaddy’s 90’s R&B showcase co-hosted by P.O.C. along with host DI The Comedian- host of theDicentshow.

“The Unwind Series” Warmdaddy’s 90’s R&B showcase was presented by Daily Grind Radio with performers such as Mel Alston, Michelle Lee, Aviance, Carla G, Parker, and Marissa Joy, who expressed their love for some of 90’s classic. P.O.C. talked with the performers on stage discussing their love of old school mixed with a new school and how to find these upcoming artists.



A night full of good vibes, soul food, Artists harmonizing while crowd undeniably bopping head, & P.O.C. and DI the Comedian on the mic left an unforgettable experience.

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