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For those unfamiliar with REVIVE Radio + Media, it’s an organization committed to empowering young voices through media engagement. Their services encompass various aspects of media training, including podcasting, social media, journalism, production, and audio skills.

What’s on the Curriculum?

Their youth engagement program includes an impressive array of offerings:

Storytelling: A fundamental skill for any budding journalist or media creator.

Podcast Training Workshops: Learn how to craft compelling narratives and host engaging shows.

Social Media Training Workshops: Master the art of digital communication and audience engagement.

Media Journalist Training Workshops: Develop journalistic integrity and reporting skills.

Production Training Workshops: Get hands-on experience with media production tools and techniques.

Audio Training Workshops: Dive into the world of sound engineering and audio storytelling.

All these workshops are designed with a specific goal in mind: to empower young people to tell their stories effectively and make their voices heard in today’s media landscape.


One remarkable aspect of REVIVE’s programs is that they are self-produced, catering to the needs and aspirations of the participants themselves. This approach ensures that the content and training provided are relevant, engaging, and aligned with the experiences of the young individuals involved.

What’s Next?

As REVIVE Radio + Media continues to make waves in the world of youth media engagement, they invite others to explore their services and join their mission. Whether you’re an organization looking to collaborate or a young person eager to develop your media skills, REVIVE has something to offer.


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