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Eco WURD Guest Philadelphia WURD 96.1 FM/ 900 AM X Flora Cardoni Penn Environments’s Field Director

Topic: Tap into a thought-provoking conversation with Flora Cardoni, Penn Environment’s Field Director. As we approach the holiday season, Flora shares insights on saving money through energy efficiency, clean cooking practices, and utilizing federal tax credits for clean energy. Uncover ways to minimize your environmental footprint during the festive season and amplify your voice for climate action in Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Delve into recent reports addressing the shift to electric lawn care, efforts to combat sewage dumping into the Delaware River, and Pennsylvania’s standing in renewable energy growth. We also explored actionable steps for a greener, more sustainable future.”

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Here is the link to the action to protect the Delaware River- https://environmentamerica.org/pennsylvania/center/take-action/tell-the-pa-department-of-environmental-protection-eliminate-the-pollution-exemption-for-the-delaware-river/

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