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Highlights: NE Philly Demands More! 20 years later Roosevelt Blvd Subway W/Jay Arzu Philly Need or Want?

{Highlights} Roosevelt Blvd Subway Interview W/ Community Organizer Jay Arzu talking numbers, support, politics, and change for the Philadelphia commuter community. Roosevelt Blvd Subway Coalition Is A Community Organization Of Community Members And Beyond Coming Together To Fight For A Subway In Northeast Philadelphia. “A study from 2003 predicted that the subway would have 124,500 daily riders and reduce travel time from Far Northeast to City Hall from 60 to 32 minutes. Despite the proposal, daily commuters still face traffic congestion, delays, and high pedestrian and motorist fatalities.” The conversation FULL interview aired on 2/24/2023. Subscribe to our YouTube channel today at @revive_poc

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