‘Mad or nah?’: Philly residents react to city suing state over gun laws

Philadelphia has made numerous efforts to quell the gun violence that has risen over the last four years.

Mayor Jim Kenney established the Office of Violence Prevention in 2017.

In 2019, the city released the Roadmap for Safer Communities, a comprehensive plan to ensure public safety. That same year, the Philadelphia Police Department launched Operation Pinpoint, a technology-driven approach to prevent homicides.

Most recently, the city began to implement Group Violence Intervention, an evidence-based approach that centers on the roles community support and social services play in gun violence reduction. And yet, in 2020, Philadelphia is projected to exceed 400 homicides, a death count not seen since 2006.

Running out of options, the City of Philadelphia has sued Pennsylvania, seeking the right to enact stronger gun laws. P.O.C., hit the streets of Philadelphia to see what residents think about the city’s lawsuit against the state.

This video contains raw audio from various different community leaders and residents of Philadelphia. No faces will be provided. Residents will be providing answers to a series of repeated questions. This raw audio was recorded in October 2020, in Philadelphia.

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