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Are you MAD or NAH ?

June 2, 2020 

What happened in West Philadelphia, and across all inner cities in America the last weekend of May 2020, is the same vision the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma saw 99 years ago May 31, 1921. With emotions high and no answered questions, the people of West Philadelphia and beyond flooded what is known to be Muhamed Ali Way “52nd Street”. What began as a peaceful protest turned into businesses big and small losing what could’ve been a fresh start after a long quarantine season. Protesters broke out into a riot that lit the flyer for some to start looting, destroying, and clearing out businesses. Leaving some business owners no choice but to close their doors. Social media is exposing the rawness of how, essentially, people can act when they are tired of the injustice going on in America. As residents quickly began cleaning up what’s left, the real questions are left on the block. Are you mad about what’s happened in your community? Are you mad at the protesters? Are you mad, or Nah? 

This video contains raw audio from various different community members and residents of 52nd St in West Philadelphia. No names or faces will be provided. Residents will be providing the answer to the question, “Are you mad, or nah?” Hear what some have to say about the aftermath of the rioting and looting that took place on May 31, 2020, on what is known to be Muhamed Ali Way “52nd Street”. This is raw audio was recorded on June 2, 2020 election day in Philadelphia.

Editor: P.O.C.  
Picture: Exhibit A Art Design 
Video: Exhibit A Art Design

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