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Love Locked into the Loc Conference

Written by: Stephon Lamar

Whenever there is a great Nubian congregation, you can always sense the love and intensity behind the event and/or movement. Meaning it’s never difficult to intuit our passion for what we represent, typically gathering the substance of life and its coolness, broadcasting in a trendsetting manner. The 24th Annual Loc Conference embodied all of this intricately from the tone it set prior to the experiences we all took with us afterward.

I, your gregarious Nubian poet Stephon Lamar, along with Alisha Laws, Harmony the Goddess, and P.O.C. set up shop for REVIVE Radio in the main entrance of Audenried Charter High School where we had the best seats to speak with some of the 50 great black entrepreneurs that came out to convey what black culture truly is. The event opened with libations, paying homage to our ancestors by showcasing music and dancing.

Now, let’s go down the list from the delectable food served (almost everything completely vegan), impeccable jewelry and garments, natural hair technicians, authors and comic book artists, everything you can think of for holistic care, even down to financial advisers. Women sang sweet African tunes to their children and dancers popped and locked (pun intended lol) to the dope mix from the DJ.

Our interviews with brother Akhabar Muhammad, Sean the comic book artist, Kendall the beautician was amazing; and ya girl Zariniah the designer came through. The synergy was at an all-time high, so expect what was created at this year’s conference will be a reflection for what’s to come.

The revolution was not televised but will continue to be seen for those that are awake and willing to experience such regal excellence, it’s a vibe!


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