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REVIVE RADIO Rhythm & Reasonings


Written by: Harmony the Goddess

Do you feel a conversation can change a life? We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. Social media has created visages for a lot of people that allows us to present the self we want to be and try to establish a connection. Meaning customizing our life, edit, delete, comment, join groups, etc. But, have we shortchanged ourselves thinking our online connection is equivalent to a face to face real conversation? E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all have their places in partnership, romance, politics, commerce, etc. But they do not substitute for feeling the real vibe of a conversation.

REVIVE Radio wanted to get out of the comment section and bring it to real life. So on Sunday, May 20, 2018, REVIVE had its first event in Philadelphia called “Rhythm & Reasonings” Volume 2:1. “A Sounding Board for the Community”.  A free event that brought people together to vibe, connect and converse. The event was held at The Creative Vine in Philadelphia, PA from 6 PM – 8 PM having the audience choose the topics, share perspectives, come to understandings and discuss solutions for issues that are prominent.

The discussions were moderated by the host of REVIVE Radio – P.O.C., and an opening poem featured me, Harmony the Goddess. The event was enriched with a creative community that expanded the conversation and implemented different approaches throughout the event. A picture is worth a thousand words and It was sure a vibe with live painters SaeedSVP & OrgnlCr8rs capturing the moment, and a bouquet of visuals provided by Gypsy Lane Art, Justin Richburg & Jonhamart. Fulfilling people’s hunger and desire to shop, vendors Sincerely Reem sold customized bow ties, TabM0ney provided Natural Vibrations with some healthy snacks, and Vegan Spice provided cookies that elevated you higher. We are thankful to everyone who took part to make the event a success. Talk about supporting black businesses!

Topics such as This is America, How can we help the younger generation, breaking the cycle, “Making America Great Again” Kanye tactics, Social media, and so much more came up. The conversations from the start of the event to end unfolded slowly. It began to express the importance of being present and not being afraid to speak your thoughts & share your reasonings. It’s only time in between until the next “Rhythm & Reasonings” entitled “I Wish I Knew My Rights”.  It will be a panel discussion coming in June 2018. Stay tuned for more information. If you would like to keep REVIVE Alive you can donate on or Cash app $Revivepoc.





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