What’s Buzzing

What’s buzzing is a segment that airs every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month on Time For An Awakening. What’s buzzing is brought to you by Keith Taylor from The Left Side of Politics.

On the What’s Buzzing Segment we discuss and debate political topics and recent current events.  The goal is to break down the topics so that the listener is able to understand.  We also strive to challenge social standards and bring political awareness to the everyday citizen who may not have the time to do the research.”

Keith is a graduate student at Jacksonville University (JU) studying to receive a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).  He hails from Washington D.C. and chose JU to pursue his undergraduate degree in Political Science with a minor in Aviation Operations and Management.  During his time as an undergrad student, he was elected Vice-President and President of Student Government respectively.  He also served as a representative of JU for the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida, which advocates for continued funding for the Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG).  Keith’s interest in government started as a child while learning about Congress and the Presidency.  During the past year, Keith was elected treasurer of the Jacksonville Young Democrats in spring 2016.  Currently, Keith lives in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to engage in politics outside of work.

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What the Fact?!?

What the Fact?!? is a segment that airs every Monday on DG Radio. What the Fact?!? is brought to you by TylerEvenia.

REVIVE brings you What the Fact?!?  to educate and dish out cool, innovative and trendy facts for our listeners that help us spark up conversations! What the Fact?!? is a segment that brings truth to what you know, what you think you know, and what you honestly don’t know.

TylerEvenia was born and raised in Washington D.C. but she is up north chilling! Corporate woman by day media personality by night. “I’m just here to maximize on every opportunity I gain in my life.”

Want me to discuss something on my segment send it over to don’t forget to click that follow button on Instagram @tylerevenia

And remember every decision can be undone with a decision!




Tab M0ney Habit$

Tab M0ney Habit$ is a segment that airs every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month on Time For An Awakening. Tab M0ney Habit$ is brought to you by Tabitha Russell aka Tab Money.

Tab M0ney Habit$ goal is to share knowledge with the community about unlearning and relearning habits that lead to financial freedom and generational wealth

Each segment will give the listeners an opportunity to receive a free series of financial literacy workshop, webinar, “radinar.” Using the Revive online radio podcast platform, we are able to create “Radinars” for listeners to experience seminars/workshops over the radio.

Hailing from Glenarden, Maryland Tabitha Russell aka Tab Money serves the youth and the earth, day in and day out!

She serves as the Co-CEO of CollegeBound Entertainment! She engages the youth at every chance and continues to press the issues that plague the generations before her. As the Co-CEO she has spearheaded all of CBE’s events and has her eyes set on starting her own private school and several businesses. Don’t be surprised if you see RussellBrand on Forbes in the near future!